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Ngawang Losel left Lhasa, Tibet and his beloved family home at the age of 12 and crossed the Tibetan border by foot – never to see his parents or homeland again.Journeying across the Himalayan mountains disguised as a mute shepherd in the hopes of evading the Chinese army,  about imgNgawang made his way to Dharamsala, India, where he joined the Tibetan refugee community and discovered what life was like in exile. Decades later, after an invaluable life experience in Israel, Ngawang became the first Tibetan in the world to speak fluent Hebrew.  His language skills led him to perform the highest honor:  a personal interpretation for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in 2001 from Hebrew to Tibetan language and vice versa.  Ngawang is multilingual; he speaks Tibetan, English, Hebrew, Chinese and Hindi.  Ngawang is also a passionate singer song writer and a lifelong peace activist.Ngawang has traveled to various countries and places throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America.  He has lived in Tibet, India, Israel, South Korea and the USA. Ngawang takes great pride in his multicultural life experience. He is fully dedicated to human rights education and peace activism, Ngawang offers lectures/presentations and musical performances on the subject of Tibetan movements and the importance of Peace in our world, our hearts.  He also organizes events that emphasize the importance of justice the potential for peace and freedom across the entire globe.One world. One Mother Earth. One Human Race..



Ngawang is the first Tibetan in the world who speaks fluent Hebrew and he is also the first Tibetan in Nashville, Tennessee.Born in Lhasa, Tibet, Ngawang attended school in the heart of the city,

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