Tashi Delek to all

Our True Self

Languages and the Cultures are the treasure of true Knowledge
༄Languages are the treasure house of knowledge. knowing them or learning them gives us free
access. How much treasure we can own is limitless or to the extent of our will and karma… Our
world is one and when compassion and wisdom develops in our heart. We develop limitless joy
and love towards all traditions and cultures… Because to the compassionate one.. Every culture is
our human culture. Everywhere it is our people… It is our true limitless self..our true inner
treasure.. Can never be bought or sold.
Only sought through love……
༄ ཨ#་མ་ནི་པdmེ་hu# ༄

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Ngawang is the first Tibetan in the world who speaks fluent Hebrew and he is also the first Tibetan in Nashville, Tennessee.Born in Lhasa, Tibet, Ngawang attended school in the heart of the city,

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